Issue 1 - Ethnicity & Nationality
I have always been very interested in how my American and Brazilian cultures intersect and influence my identity. Issue one focuses on culture, in hopes to inspire and celebrate diversity. I wanted to create a platform in which people who share the common experience of trying to understand their mixed cultures can have a space to share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts on their identities. Particularly those who identify with being in the middle of cultures, who may feel like they donít identify with one or the other and find themselves in a unique middle space where one may feel ìin-between.î I interviewed three amazing young women in the design field. 

Photography by: 
Victoria Gerson, Emily Tran, Liz Herold, and An Vuong
Issue 2 - Gender & Sexuality
In the second issue of Other, I continue to explore the many aspects that make up our identities, focusing on gender, sexuality, and how we present ourselves in everyday life. I sought out individuals who consider themselves a part of the LGBTQ community. Specifically, I found that those who identify with bisexuality, pansexuality, and gender fluidity embody the message of Other. As these are identities that many times are considered to be in the middle of many spaces. In the middle of gay and straight, man and woman, visible and invisible, accepted or rejected. I interviewed three amazing young women about their gender, sexuality, and how it plays in to their identities and experiences. 

Photography by: 
Victoria Gerson, Anne Marie Tamburro, Ainsley Chung, AlizÈ Santana, and Kirin Pino

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