The Radical Act

This project started as an exercise in mindfulness. We were tasked with choosing any space where we wished to spend 12 minutes observing the chosen environment with each of our 5 senses- 2 minutes per sense, and the last 2 minutes to take in whatever naturally comes in. 
I decided to do my observing at a restaurant with my roommate. 
Here were my notes from that experience:
We then created something that visually explores a concept from our observations. I focused on my observations on touch and created this concept video in After Effects:
I wanted to focus on the act of hand holding, as it may seem like such a small action, but it can be a radical act for many people from marginalized communities. The person on the left remains the same, while the person on the right changes. This is to talk about peoples changing perceptions and judgements depending on who's hand they are holding.  With this project, I am hoping to confront these biases by first normalizing the act of hand holding, then shocking the viewer with the qoutes/facts below. No one should have to feel ashamed, scared, or in danger, while holding hands. 

For these pieces, I directed and took the photos myself. I collected photos with many different people, for the future of this project, I hope to continue to grow the collection of these photos to apply to more materials. 
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